Teenage cancer deaths have halved in last 30 years

Added 26/03/2013

According to a report by Cancer Research UK the number of teenagers and young adults dying from cancer in the UK has fallen by almost a half since the 1970s.

Experts believe that a change in the way that teenagers and young adults are treated for cancer, in a similar way to children with cancer, rather than adults, means that they are now doing better for some cancers such as leukaemia.

Professor Jillian Birch, a Cancer Research UK teenage cancer expert, said: “We’ve made great progress in helping more teenagers and young adults survive cancer, and today over 80 per cent will beat the disease.”

These figures are very good news for teenagers with cancer and their families. However, with approximately 2,100 teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer in Britain each year, the report highlights that there is still more to be done, specifically by giving teenagers and young adults with cancer more access to clinical trials.

Cancer is currently the biggest cause of death from disease in teenagers and young adults in the UK, only traffic and transport accidents account for more deaths in this age group.

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