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Spain warned over rejection of EHIC: 5 reasons why the EHIC does not replace travel insurance

News that Spanish state hospitals are refusing to accept the EHIC & instead charging tourists highlights the importance of travel insurance.

Added: 30/05/2013

Imminent volcanic eruption highlights importance of travel insurance for volcanic ash

Volcanic ash could be set to disrupt flights again as Chilean and Argentinian authorities evacuate local residents and warn of an imminent eruption of Copahue.

Added: 28/05/2013

Talking about dementia: 5 things you should know about dementia

Dementia affects 800,000 people in the UK. It is not a natural part of aging — so visit your GP if you experience symptoms.

Added: 21/05/2013

Sun Awareness Week: How to check your skin for signs of cancer

Learn more about the dangers of sun burn and how to spot changes in your skin which could indicate the early stages of skin cancer.

Added: 07/05/2013

World Asthma Day: Holidays and travel insurance for Asthmatics

Find out why it’s important to declare asthma when you buy travel insurance and where to find useful travel tips for asthmatics.

Added: 07/05/2013

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