Travel News

29/10/2012 -

Hurricane Sandy: Flight Cancellations, Airline Responsibilities & Travel Insurance Cover

With hurricane Sandy causing cancelled flights; find out how airlines are obliged to look after you and how travel insurance cover can help
25/10/2012 -

Survey reveals High Street Travel Agents are Back in Fashion

A survey has revealed the number of people booking overseas holidays on the high street has risen 10% in the last 3 years
23/10/2012 -

Does Size Matter? Shrinking Airline Seats

With airlines reducing seat size, it might pay to check the measurements before you book your next flight.
22/10/2012 -

France travel disruption expected due to general strike

Air travel to and from France, as well as rail and other public transport across the country is expected to be disrupted from tonight until Wednesday morning due to a general strike
09/10/2012 -

World Arthritis Day: Choosing the right Arthritis Travel Insurance

As World Arthritis Day nears we’re discussing travel insurance for arthritis and the importance of declaring arthritis when you buy travel insurance