Travel News

29/11/2013 -

The Silver Line - new helpline for older people

Esther Rantzen launches new helpline to support & offer friendship to older people who are neglected, isolated or simply feeling lonely.
26/11/2013 -

Early snow promises a great start to the ski season

Heavy snowfall gets this year’s season off to a great start. Ski insurance extends your policy to provide cover for accidents on the slopes.
20/11/2013 -

World COPD Day: Travel insurance for lung conditions

On World COPD Day we’d like to talk about the importance of getting the right travel insurance if you suffer from a lung condition.
14/11/2013 -

World Diabetes Day: Travel Insurance for Diabetics

World Diabetes Day: Raising awareness of why it is so important to declare diabetes when you buy travel insurance for your holiday.
12/11/2013 -

British Passports to change in line with others in Europe

Changes to British passports could be good news for travellers. Passports will be changed to bring them in line with other countries.
07/11/2013 -

Venice to ban large cruise ships

From January the number of cruise ships over 40,000 tonnes will be cut by 20% and ships over 96,000 tonnes will be banned completely from next November.
07/11/2013 -

Protect your phone, tablet & laptop on holiday: New Gadget Cover now available

Add Gadget Cover to your travel insurance to protect your phone, tablet or laptop against loss, theft or damage whilst you are on holiday.
04/11/2013 -

Early Lung Cancer Detection Saves Lives: Do You Know the Symptoms?

November is lung cancer awareness month - If you suffer from any of these symptoms for longer than 3 weeks visit your doctor.