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Travel insurance over 70

Travel cover with no age limits

Goodtogoinsurance.com are proud to provide single trip and annual travel insurance cover to travellers and holiday makers who are over 70 - in fact we can provide cover to travellers of any age, over 70, over 80 or even over 90! Our single trip and annual travel insurance has no upper age limit.

  • Travel insurance over 70 - no upper age limit
  • Single trip & annual cover
  • Pre existing medical conditions can be covered

travel insurance over 70

Since 2010 we have insured over 700,000 travellers who may have had difficulty finding travel insurance cover elsewhere due to their age or medical conditions, enabling them to take the holiday they wanted with the peace of mind that they are fully covered.

Travel insurance over 70 - Cover and benefits

Our over 70 travel insurance policies provide the following benefits and much more:

  • 24 hour medical emergency support
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £10 million (including medical repatriation to the UK)
  • Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 (platinum policies)
  • Personal property up to £3,000 (platinum policies)
  • Three levels of travel insurance cover available
  • Covid Cover as standard

Please read the policy wording and product information document for full details You can access the latest version when you get a quotation

Single trip travel insurance

Our single trip travel insurance has no age limits and can cover one holiday or trip up to 94 days in duration.

Single trip insurance must cover the entire duration of your trip, from when you leave to when you arrive back home.

Annual travel insurance

Our annual travel insurance has no age limits and can cover an unlimited number of trips in one year, each trip must be a maximum of 31 days.

Annual travel insurance for over 70s can offer peace of mind and save time for those who travel several times a year.

Travel insurance over 70 - Covering a medical condition

Being over 70 doesn't stop you enjoying yourself and seeing the world, but it might mean that you are more likely to have a pre existing medical condition that you need your travel insurance to cover.

Goodtogoinsurance.com provides travel insurance to travellers over 70 with all sorts of medical conditions from asthma through to heart disease, cancer and mental health conditions. We can also cover your travelling companions on the same policy.

  • Travel insurance over 70 with cover for pre existing medical conditions
  • Up to a high level of severity and sometimes even a terminal prognosis
  • We can cover most cases of Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
  • In most cases cover can be provided to those still undergoing treatment eg. chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Cover for mental health conditions

When you get a quote for over 70 travel insurance we will ask you a series of simple questions about your medical condition which will enable us to provide you with appropriate cover for your holiday - It's very easy and will only take a few minutes.

More information on travelling with medical conditions

Travel insurance for over 70s: Our tips

Whether you are over 70 or not, it's important to buy your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday so that you are covered for cancellation if you unable to travel. This also means that you have travel insurance cover in place in case a strike or industrial action is called which would affect your travel plans.

Compare the level of cancellation cover with the cost of your holiday. If you don't have enough cancellation cover you could be out of pocket if you need to cancel your holiday. Cancellation costs can be claimed when specific circumstances such as illness of you or a close relative, being called for Jury Service or redundancy mean you are unable to travel as planned. See policy wording for the full list of circumstances where cancellation costs are covered.

If you are buying annual travel insurance cover you should note that your cancellation cover starts from the 'start date' of your policy, not necessarily the date you purchase it. If you already have a holiday booked you should start your cover straight away.

Three levels of travel insurance cover

Goodtogoinsurance.com offers three levels of travel insurance for travellers over 70. Choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum policies to get the right level of over 70 travel insurance cover for your holiday.

Silver: Silver is our most economical travel insurance for over 70s, it provides cover under the Medical and Mobility Aids sections only. This enables you to protect yourself against the risk of incurring large medical bills abroad, without having to pay for other areas of cover which you may not need.

Gold: Our most popular travel insurance for those over 70. Providing Medical and Repatriation cover up to £10 million, as well as cover for Cancellation and Curtailment, Personal Accident, Baggage, Travel Delay, Missed Departure and much more.

Platinum: Our premium travel insurance for travellers over 70. It provides the same level of Medical and Repatriation cover as our Silver and Gold policies, with increased cover for Cancellation and Baggage. Platinum travel insurance is also zero excess policy, so you would have nothing to pay in the event of a claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions for over 70's holiday insurance

  • Why do I need over 70s travel insurance?
  • Good To Go Insurance over 70 travel insurance can provide cover in case you need to cancel your holiday, or you become unwell or injured on holiday.
  • How does travel insurance for over 70s work?
  • Buying holiday insurance over 70 is easy with Good To Go Travel Insurance. First, get a quote on our website or by calling our customer service team on 0330 024 9949. Tell us your dates of travel, the countries you are visiting, and the details of all travelers to be covered. We will ask you for details of any pre-existing medical conditions, so please make sure you answer these questions accurately and honestly. We will give you a quote straight away, then you will have the chance to choose additional cover if needed. Once you have bought a policy, documents will be sent to you. Keep those documents with you when you travel. Emergency assistance and claims contact details will be in these documents. If you become unwell or injured on holiday, our 24/7 emergency medical assistance team will be available by phone to help you get the care you need.
  • When should I buy travel insurance for the over 70s?
  • As Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert recommends, whether you are over 70 or not, it's important to buy your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday. This ensures that you are covered for cancellation if you are unable to travel due to illness or injury. This also means that you have travel insurance cover in place in case a strike or industrial action is called which would affect your travel plans.
  • What types of travel insurance do you offer for the over 70s?
  • Travel insurance for 70 and above is available for single trips and cruise holidays in Europe and worldwide. Goodtogoinsurance also offer annual travel insurance for the over 70s, which can cover you for multiple trips over 12 months.
  • How much is over 70s travel insurance?
  • The cost of over 70s travel insurance is affected by where you are going, how long you are going for, and any pre-existing medical conditions you might have. Get a quote here to find out exactly how much your cover will cost.
  • Is there an upper age limit on travel insurance?
  • Good To Go Insurance can cover travelers of all ages, so if you’re looking for travel insurance for over 70s, over 80s or even over 90s we could be able to cover you, even with most pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Why is holiday insurance more expensive for over 70s?
  • Holiday insurance over 70 can be more expensive. Unfortunately many of us develop medical problems as we get older, which can increase the price of cover. At Good To Go Insurance we believe the best travel insurance for seniors over 70 is cover that fully meets your individual needs. Make sure you have provided full details of any pre-existing medical conditions, trip dates and destinations. Check that the cancellation cover on your policy covers the cost of your holiday, and buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. If you are going on a cruise, playing golf or enjoying exciting activities like hot air balloon trips or a camel ride, make sure you select the options you need.
  • Can I include travel companions on my policy?
  • Yes! Goodtogoinsurance offer individual, couple, family and group policies, that provide cover for all ages and most pre existing health conditions.
  • Can I get travel insurance if I’m over 80?
  • Yes! Good To Go Insurance offer travel insurance with no age limits and can cover most pre-existing health conditions.
  • Do I need a GHIC card?
  • If you are traveling to Europe, you do need a GHIC card. You can apply for one to prove your right to access state provided healthcare during a temporary stay in the EU. The GHIC is free of charge and can be obtained via the NHS website.
  • Do I need over 70 travel insurance if I have a GHIC?
  • When there is a reciprocal health agreement in place, such as the GHIC within Europe, you may get healthcare at the same cost as a local (which may or may not be free of charge), but it won’t cover your costs if you need to stay longer or require alternative transport home. That’s where over 70 travel insurance and repatriation cover comes in. Without it you would either have to foot the bill yourself or stay overseas until you are well enough to return home on a standard flight.
    Repatriation can mean varying degrees of support and assistance for your return journey, as deemed medically necessary, including:
    • Arranging and paying for an alternative flight because you missed your pre-booked flight due to receiving medical treatment.
    • Organising more than one seat on a plane because you are required to keep your leg raised or lay flat. Providing a stretcher if you are required to lay flat.
    • Providing a medical escort to monitor your condition throughout your journey.
    • Providing an air ambulance to get you back to a hospital in the UK.
    • We have a medical team who are experienced in aviation medicine, they will advise on both the timing and method of repatriation which is best suited to your individual needs and your recovery. Remember, coming home straight away is not always an option even if you are considered ‘fit to fly’ by the treating doctor. If you do need to stay overseas for longer due to receiving emergency medical treatment our travel insurance policies also cover additional travel and accommodation costs for you and any one other person who is required for medical reasons to stay with you.
  • Can I get over 70 travel insurance with medical conditions?
  • Yes! Over 70 travel insurance from Goodtogo insurance can cover most pre-existing conditions, with no age limits. You will be asked to declare your pre-existing medical conditions when you get a quotation.
  • What’s a pre-existing medical condition?
  • If the answer to any part of the following question is "yes", then there is a pre-existing medical condition and you must declare the relevant condition(s) when purchasing your travel insurance:
    • Have you or anyone in your party been prescribed medication, or received treatment or attended a medical practitioner's surgery in the last 2 years
    • attended a hospital or clinic as an out-patient or in-patient in the last two years
    • been currently put on a waiting list for treatment or investigation
    • been diagnosed by a medical practitioner as suffering from a terminal illness
    • ever had any stress, anxiety, depression, or psychiatric condition such as eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness for which you have been treated or diagnosed.
    More information about pre existing medical conditions
  • How can I get the best travel insurance for over 70s?
  • The best travel insurance for over seventies is the insurance that meets your unique needs. When you get a quote, make sure you answer all questions accurately and honestly so that we can provide the right cover for you.
  • What countries does over 70s travel insurance cover?
  • Goodtogoinsurance offers cover for worldwide travel.

* Flexible cover. Trip changes? We'll change your single trip policy to match. The new dates must be within 12 months of the original issue date. If the new trip is for a longer period or to a different destination there may be an additional premium due to increased risk.