Travel News

28/03/2013 -

Driving abroad? New online tool makes it easy to find out about driving laws and safety

New online tool makes it easy to get up to date information about driving laws and road safety for the specific country you are travelling to.
27/03/2013 -

Help the fight against cancer: Donate your birthday to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Birthday coming up? Nothing you want or need: Donate your birthday to the Royal Marsden’s Cancer Charity and help the fight against cancer.
26/03/2013 -

Teenage cancer deaths have halved in last 30 years

2100 teens diagnosed with cancer each year, doubling survival rates highlights the importance of travel insurance for cancer survivors.
26/03/2013 -

CAA & OFT to review travel & airline websites to ensure they are not misleading

Good news for travellers! CAA & OFT launch new guidance for travel companies to remind them of their obligation to provide clear information.
18/03/2013 -

FCO Advices Brits visiting Cyprus to take a Variety of Payment Options

14/03/2013 -

EU to update Air Passenger Rights

Recent changes to EU legislation means good news for some air travellers — particularly those who have struggled to get compensation
04/03/2013 -

NEW - Missed Connection Cover Now Available!

Extend travel insurance to cover missing connecting flight, ship or train as a result of delay to your initial international outbound transport.