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Cruise Insurance with Cover for Medical Conditions and no age limits

Goodtogoinsurance.com offers specialised single trip and annual cruise travel insurance, catering to travellers of all ages, regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions. Cruises offer a unique travel experience, but it's crucial to have the right insurance, especially if you have underlying health concerns.

Our policies provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring you're protected if you fall ill on-board and require emergency medical assistance, including airlifting to a hospital if necessary.

Choosing the right cruise travel insurance with Goodtogoinsurance.com means you can enjoy your cruise worry-free, knowing that you have reliable coverage tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition, our policies are designed to provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your cruise to the fullest. Don't let medical concerns hold you back - sail confidently with our dedicated cruise travel insurance.

We offer 3 levels of travel insurance cover for cruise holidays

Cruise Insurance from Goodtogoinsurance.com

  • Three levels of cruise insurance cover to choose from
  • Suitable for both ocean and river cruises
  • Cover for all types of pre-existing medical conditions
  • No age limits on single trip or annual policies

Cruise insurance cover and benefits

  • 24 hour emergency medical support- just a phone call away!
  • Emergency medical and repatriation expenses up to £10 million (including airlift from ship to hospital when necessary)
  • Cancellation cover up to £10,000 (Standard and Premium Cover)
  • Cabin Confinement:  A benefit payable if you are confined to your cabin for more than 24 hours dues to injury or illness.
  • Missed Port Departure:  Covers reasonable additional travel expenses incurred to reach the next overseas port if the vehicle in which you are travelling in to reach your international cruise departure point becomes un-drivable due to mechanical failure or being involved in an accident, or your public transport is delayed, preventing you from being able to check-in on time for your outward departure.
  • Itinerary Change:  Covers the cancellation of a scheduled port visit due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions.
  • Unused Excursions: Covers excursions, pre-booked before you go on your trip, which you are unable to use as a direct result of being hospitalised due to an accident or illness.
  • Cruise Interruption:  Covers additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred to reach the next port in order to re-join your cruise:
    - if you have a temporary illness requiring hospital treatment on dry land.
    - your passport being lost or stolen after your international departure but before embarkation of your planned cruise, or during dis-embarkation ashore on one of the scheduled stops.

UK Cruise Holidays

For cruises within the UK the Emergency Medical and Repatriation section is limited to £1000.

If your cruise company requires you to have a higher limit, please call us on 0330 024 9949 and we can increase the limit to £2 million per person.

Cruise insurance tips

Here are our top three tips to help you choose and buy the right cruise insurance for your holiday.

1. Make sure that your cruise insurance policy provides cover for all of the countries you will be visiting, including any stopovers on the way to start your cruise. It doesn't matter if you are only going to be in a country for one day, it's important to be covered for emergency medical treatment in every country you visit.

2. Make sure your cruise insurance provides cover for you to be airlifted from the cruise ship to hospital in the event that you fall ill and need medical treatment urgently. Goodtogoinsurance.com includes this cover in all policies.

3. Cruises can be expensive, so buy your cruise travel insurance as soon as you've booked your cruise holiday to ensure that you have cancellation cover in place straight away- you never know what's around the corner so it pays to protect they money you've invested in your cruise holiday as soon as you can.

Cruise insurance over 65

As cruise holidays are often enjoyed by travellers who are over 65, we're proud to say that our cruise travel insurance is available to travellers of any age.

Cruise insurance from Goodtogoinsurance.com has no age limits, which means that being over 65, over 80 or over 90 will not be a barrier to getting travel insurance for your cruise holiday.

Cruise insurance with cover for medical conditions

Our cruise travel insurance can cover all types of pre-existing medical conditions, including diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, dementia and multiple sclerosis.

To ensure that you are fully covered by your cruise travel insurance for your existing medical conditions you need to declare them to us when you purchase your cruise insurance policy and let us know of any changes that might occur before you travel.

You can declare your medical conditions when you get a cruise insurance quote online or by phone- it should only take a few minutes and in the majority of cases your cruise insurance can be issued immediately.