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Strikes continue to affect people on holiday in Greece

A strike by truck drivers in Greece on 25 July has led to fuel shortages. Tourists began cancelling their holidays when they learnt of the strike.

Added: 30/07/2010

Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria earmarked as best beach holiday for Brits

The Kelkoo Beach Index has revealed that the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria could offer the best beach holiday to Brits this summer.

Added: 29/07/2010

Certain groups more at risk of suffering deep vein thrombosis

Certain groups of people are more at risk of suffering from deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights.

Added: 28/07/2010

The Santander Festival could appeal to Brits taking a Santander holiday

The Santander International Festival in Spain gets underway on 30 July, which showcases a programme of music, opera, ballet and more.

Added: 27/07/2010

Raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support on an Alps Hiking Challenge

Macmillan Cancer Support hold regular hiking challenges abroad. This September, why not take part in the Alps Hiking Challenge?

Added: 26/07/2010

How to find restaurants abroad that offer great foreign food

Finding the best restaurants abroad can be tricky, but there are things you can look out for in order to track down the best foreign food.

Added: 23/07/2010

New 5-star resort on private peninsula opens in Turkey

A new 5-star resort called Xanadu Island has opened in Turkey near Bodrum.

Added: 22/07/2010

Dengue fever epidemic kills dozens in the Caribbean

A dengue fever epidemic has already killed 27 people in the Dominican Republic and thousands of cases are cropping up all over the Caribbean.

Added: 21/07/2010

New cancer vaccine could save lives

A new cancer vaccine has been developed by Professor Ray Iles of Middlesex University, which could kill some of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

Added: 20/07/2010

A flu vaccine could soon be administered using a painless patch

A new vaccine patch is being tested, which could replace hypodermic needles, paving the way for pain-free vaccinations.

Added: 19/07/2010

Budget airline Ryanair reports record number of bookings for July

Budget airline Ryanair has reported a record number of flight bookings for July. More than 7 million passengers will be flying with Ryanair in July.

Added: 16/07/2010

Norwegian Epic sets sail, offering a new wave of luxury cruises

Luxury cruises on the new Norwegian Epic offers holidaymakers a range of onboard facilities and entertainment.

Added: 15/07/2010

High street clinics fail to spot signs of skin cancer

People have been visiting under-qualified high street clinics instead of their GPs to test for signs of skin cancer.

Added: 14/07/2010

Why not enjoy a holiday in September this summer?

Take a holiday in September to make the most of cheaper prices and quieter resorts abroad.

Added: 13/07/2010

Solar powered plane offers glimpse of eco-friendly travel

The Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane, has successfully completed a 26 hour flight without using any fuel

Added: 12/07/2010

Suspected tunnel fire leaves passengers stranded at St Pancras Station

Hundreds of people were stranded at St Pancras Station when Eurostar services were cancelled due to smoke in a tunnel under the Thames.

Added: 09/07/2010

A holiday in France could be the perfect choice for disabled travellers

A holiday in France could be the perfect choice for disabled travellers because it’s easy to get to and many attractions have good accessibility.

Added: 08/07/2010

Brits are at the top of haggling game abroad

British travellers are more likely to haggle abroad than other European travellers. And we try to get the best possible deal on our holidays.

Added: 06/07/2010

Bargain-hunting holidaymakers caught out by fraudulent online bookings

Holidaymakers are being scammed by fraudsters offering fake holiday deals and accommodation abroad.

Added: 06/07/2010

Women with breast cancer express fears over airport full body scanner

Women with breast cancer express fears over new full body scanners in UK airports.

Added: 05/07/2010

Experience the midnight sun on a cruise to Norway

Take a cruise to Norway to experience the midnight sun, a period when the sun doesn't set for 24 hours.

Added: 02/07/2010

Gatwick Airport terminals set for 1 billion pound redevelopment project

Gatwick Airport has already begun its 1 billion makeover

Added: 01/07/2010

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