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Looking forward to an adventure on holiday? Check your travel insurance first

If you are doing anything more adventurous than lying on a beach or sightseeing this holiday it pays to check your travel insurance first.

Added: 27/02/2013

British cruise ship passengers not put off by safety concerns

Cruise safety stories have been hitting the headlines since the Concordia tragedy, but it’s not discouraging cruisers from setting sail.

Added: 26/02/2013

International Childhood Cancer Day

February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, aiming to raise awareness of the early warning signs of cancer in children.

Added: 14/02/2013

Why travelling without insurance can cost you £1000s

Research shows that 24% of travellers don’t have travel insurance. Taking the big risk of incurring medical bills of thousands of pounds.

Added: 07/02/2013

World Cancer Day: Travel insurance to cover cancer

On World Cancer Day we’re discussing getting travel insurance if you are recovering from cancer & sharing our tips for keeping the cost down

Added: 04/02/2013

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