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Travel insurance over 65

Travel insurance with no upper age limit

Aged over 65? No problem. specialises in travel insurance with no upper age limit.

We are proud to be able to provide single trip and annual travel insurance cover to travellers who are over 65, over 70 or even over 90.

  • Travel insurance over 65 - No age limits
  • Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered
  • Three levels of travel insurance to choose from

Single trip

travel insurance

Our single trip travel insurance has no age limits, so it is ideal for travellers who are over 65. It is designed to cover one holiday or trip, up to a maximum of 94 days in duration. In order to be valid your travel insurance must cover the whole of your trip, from when you depart the UK to when you land back in the UK.


travel insurance

Our annual travel insurance also has no age limits and can cover an unlimited number of holidays in one year; each trip can be up to a maximum of 31 days. European and Worldwide annual travel insurance cover is available.


travel insurance

Our travel insurance policies provide the following benefits to travellers over 65:
Cruise insurance for over 65’s. Single trip and annual travel insurance cover for cruise holidays, with cover for medical conditions and no upper age limit. All of our policies include cover for cruise holidays, or for extra cover you can choose one of Cruise Specific policies.

Cover and Benefits

Our travel insurance policies provide the following benefits to travellers over 65:

  • 24 hour medical emergency support
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  • Mobility aids up to £2,500 (Silver, Gold & Platinum policies)
  • Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 (Platinum policies)
  • Personal property up to £3,000 (Platinum policies)
  • Scheduled Airline Failure (insolvency cover) included
  • Travel Dispute Cover available

We recommend that you read the {defaultWording} for full details of our travel insurance for over 65s.

Travel insurance over 65 - Cover for medical conditions

Being over 65 doesn't stop you enjoying yourself and seeing the world, but it might mean that you are more likely to have a pre-existing medical condition that you need your travel insurance to cover. provides single trip travel insurance for over 65s who are travelling with all sorts of medical conditions from asthma through to heart disease, cancer and mental health conditions. We can also cover your travelling companions on the same policy.

  • Cover for pre existing medical conditions
  • Up to a high level of severity and even a terminal prognosis
  • Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
  • Cover is available to travellers on a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Cover for mental health conditions

When you get a quote we will ask you a series of simple questions about your medical condition which will enable us to provide you with the appropriate travel insurance cover for your holiday - It's very easy and will only take a few minutes.

More information on travelling with medical conditions

3 Levels of Travel insurance Cover for Over 65s offers three levels of travel insurance for travellers over 65. Choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum policies to get the right level of travel insurance cover for you and your holiday.


Silver is our most economical travel insurance for over 65s, it provides cover under the Medical and Mobility Aids sections only. If you want to be assured that your medical expenses are covered if you fall ill abroad, but are not worried about travel insurance cover for cancellation or your possessions, this is the policy for you.


Our best selling travel insurance. Gold cover provides Medical and Repatriation cover up to £10 million, as well as cover for Cancellation and Curtailment, Personal Possessions, Travel Delay and much more.


Platinum provides our highest level of travel insurance cover for those over 65. It provides the same level of Medical and Repatriation cover as our Silver and Gold policies, with increased cover for Cancellation and Personal Possessions. Plus there is no excess payable on Platinum policies.

Top Tip!

Buy travel insurance as soon as you've booked your holiday

It's important to buy your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday so that you are covered for cancellation if you unable to travel.

Another good reason to buy travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your holiday is to ensure that you have travel insurance cover in place if a strike is called which could affect your trip.

In order to be covered under the Travel Delay and Abandonment section of your travel insurance, you must have booked your holiday and bought your insurance policy before a strike is announced. In the current climate, you never know when a strike will be called, so it pays to buy travel insurance over 65 cover immediately after you've booked your holiday.

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* Flexible cover. Trip changes? We'll change your single trip policy to match with no admin charge. The new dates must be within 20 months of the original issue date. If the new trip is for a longer period, to a different destination or more than 12 months from the original issue date, there may be an additional premium due to increased risk.