Travel News

27/04/2011 -

Where will your next Golf Break take you?

Planning a golfing break abroad? Well soon you’ll be able to add the Maldives to your list of golf course options.
20/04/2011 -

Presenter considers suing airline after heart attack!

Singapore Airlines had better watch out, it looks like a presenter from the BBC is considering suing the airline after he suffered a heart attached during one of their flights
13/04/2011 -

Does your travel companion have a medical condition?

Are you making plans for an Easter break? If you are, making sure that you have the right travel insurance cover should be an essential step.
07/04/2011 -

Easter Getaway - make sure you get value for money!

With Easter just around the corner you might be thinking of escaping the UK and opting for some April sun, well it looks like holidaymakers on a budget might find that their spending money will go further if they stick to city breaks in Eastern European c