Travel News

29/10/2010 -

Royal Caribbean International ranked low for cruise food

For this year’s the annual Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships, Royal Caribbean International (RCI) was given a low rating.
28/10/2010 -

Leeds Bradford Airport to improve their disabled facilities

Leeds Bradford Airport has pledged to step up their facilities and services for disabled travellers.
27/10/2010 -

Heavy smoking increases risk of developing Alzheimer's

A US medical study has suggested that heavy smokers increase their chances of contracting Alzheimer’s in later life.
26/10/2010 -

Northern Lights at their peak between November and February

The Northern Lights are at their most vibrant between November and February. Enjoy them on a holiday to Sweden, Iceland, Finland or Norway.
25/10/2010 -

Diabetes and obesity cases soar in the UK

In the last year, the number of diabetes cases and people that have been registered as obese has risen dramatically in the UK.
22/10/2010 -

New study suggests a daily dose of aspirin could prevent bowel cancer

A study conducted by Oxford University suggests that a daily dose of aspirin could help to prevent bowel cancer.
21/10/2010 -

Air travel for visually impaired travellers

Visually impaired travellers can have assistance when travelling by air, provided the airline is informed of their specific needs prior to departure.
20/10/2010 -

Visit New England to witness spectacular autumn colours

Discover New England this autumn to experience the region’s spectacular autumn colours.
19/10/2010 -

Brain cancer patients in Glasgow to trial new drug

Brain cancer patients are preparing to take part in a trial to test a brain cancer drug that has been shelved by pharmaceutical companies.
18/10/2010 -

Study suggests chocolate can lower cholesterol among diabetics

A recent study has suggested that chocolate that is high in cocoa solids could actually help to lower cholesterol among diabetics.
15/10/2010 -

Research suggests that fewer people had cancer in ancient times

Research conducted on hundreds of mummies has led to the discovery that few people had cancer in ancient times.
14/10/2010 -

Airport body scanner to be installed at Manchester Airport

Airport body scanner to be installed at Manchester Airport
13/10/2010 -

Experience the Long Night of the Museums in Munich on 16 October

On 16 October, various museums in Munich will open their doors for the annual Long Night of the Museums event.
11/10/2010 -

The Festival of Lights illuminates Berlin on 13 October

On 13-24 October 2010 over 60 buildings in Berlin will be lit up with a rainbow of coloured lights for the annual Festival of Lights.
08/10/2010 -

Survey reveals that Riga offers cheapest hotel rates for holidaymakers

A recent survey conducted by has revealed that the Latvian capital of Riga offers the cheapest hotel rates.
07/10/2010 -

Patients suffering from mild Alzheimer's could start receiving drugs

A new review of the treatment of Alzheimer’s suggests that patients with mild symptoms of the disease could soon have access to drugs.
06/10/2010 -

Wheelchair-bound journalist tackles the jungles of Borneo

A journalist has proved that being in a wheelchair needn’t stop you from exploring some of the wild places of the world during a trip to Borneo.
05/10/2010 -

The Regata Storica takes over the Grand Canal in Venice today

The Regata Storica will be held in the Grand Canal in Venice today, where boats compete in exciting races and a grand parade takes to the water.
04/10/2010 -

The Frankfurt Book Fair will be held on 6-10 October at Messe Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Book Fair will be taking place on 6-10 October 2010 at the Messe Frankfurt, a fantastic exhibition centre not far from the airport.