Life Cover For You has partnered with Pulse Insurance Limited who are professional Life Assurance advisers.

You’re already thinking how to protect you and your family whilst overseas but, of equal importance is ensuring they also have a financial plan in place 365 days a year should the unthinkable occur. That’s what life cover is all about, helping you plan for tomorrow.
It’s a disappointing fact if you have a chronic or serious health condition or multiple health conditions it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to find quality affordable protection.
That's where our partners at Pulse Insurance come in.
Pulse are committed to making protection accessible to all so offer life cover products with a difference - specifically targeted at people with chronic or serious health conditions.
•         Specialist, valuable cover provided to those who often find it hard to get the right cover or any cover at all

•         For people who suffer from type 2 diabetics or have a high BMI, they can often offer a quick quote

•         If you have multiple or severe health conditions, or have previously been declined, they offer cover where others often won’t

Pulse Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - No 308626.