Travel News

18/10/2018 -

Cobalt Airline Ceases Trading: Advice for Customers

Low cost airline Colbalt cancelled all flights from midnight yesterday. Advice for travel insurance customers.
05/10/2018 -

Brits Abroad Rack up Medical Bills of £3.9 Million per week

This is why you need travel insurance. The cost of medical treatment abroad can be life changing if you are do not have appropriate travel insurance
24/08/2018 -

Travel Insurance for Earthquakes and Hurricanes

If you are concerned about a natural disaster affecting your holiday destination you can add Natural Catastrophe Cover to your travel insurance for extra protection.
28/06/2018 -

Best Travel Insurance Provider: Vote for Us, You Could Win £1000!

We’re really proud to have been nominated to participate in the Insurance Choice Awards 2018! Voting is very quick and easy (it takes about 2 minutes) and each customer that votes will be entered into a £1,000 cash prize draw!
18/05/2018 -

Your Privacy is Important to Us

We have made some changes to our Privacy Policy in order to give you clearer information about how we use and protect your data and highlight your rights under the new data protection regulations which comes into force on 25 May