Travel News

Don’t delay on passport applications

The Passport Office is warning people to allow up to 10 weeks for new passport applications and renewals this year.

Added: 09/04/2021

International travel: Just waiting for the green light

To keep travellers safe once restrictions are lifted a three-tier traffic light system for international travel from England will be introduced.

Added: 08/04/2021

Shortlisted for the 2021 National Insurance Awards

We are very proud to announce that has been shortlisted for the Travel Insurance category at the 2021 National Insurance Awards.

Added: 07/04/2021

Medical Travel Insurance: Now Covering Summer 2022!

To help you plan and protect your dream holiday, we can now cover holidays up to 20 months in advance, right now that means November 2022.

Added: 04/03/2021

Should I book a holiday now and how do I protect it?

Yes you can book a holiday. You may not be able to travel right now, but you can absolutely book a holiday now and there are some real advantages to doing so.

Added: 03/03/2021

Travel Insurance for UK breaks: Here’s why you need it

You may think if you are sticking to the UK for your holiday you don’t need insurance, but you’d be wrong; here are 4 good reasons to buy travel insurance for your holiday in the UK.

Added: 24/02/2021

New Optimism for 2021 Summer Holidays

Boris Johnson has indicated his ambition to open up international travel in time for summer which has lead to renewed optimism and a surge in holiday bookings.

Added: 24/02/2021

Looking for inspiration? Try a virtual tour

Now is a great time to explore the world’s most amazing sites, monuments and museums from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Added: 28/01/2021