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Flybe: Information for Policy Holders

The airline Flybe has entered administration, all flights are cancelled. If you have a flight booked please do not travel to the airport. Find out how you can claim your money back.

Added: 05/03/2020

World Kidney Day: Improve Your Kidney Health

As World Kidney Day approaches, we are helping the National Kidney Federation raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to protect against kidney disease.

Added: 27/02/2020

No Brexit Worries for 2020 Holidays

The UK has now left the EU and entered a transition period, during which time all the rules regarding travel will remain the same. So you can continue to travel without disruption.!

Added: 27/01/2020 on TV! is now on television. See our new TV advert now! Medical travel insurance with no upper age limit.

Added: 02/01/2020

Brexit: Do I still need an EHIC?

With the UK set to leave the EU at the end of January, is it still worth taking an EHIC with you when you travel? The short answer is yes; it is still worth having an EHIC, but you do need travel insurance as well.

Added: 23/12/2019

Going on a cruise? What to look for in your travel insurance

Find out the must haves when looking for travel insurance for a cruise holiday. Plus the areas of cover that you might not need.

Added: 10/12/2019

Travel insurance: Why it pays to cover everyone on the same policy

Find out why it pays to insure all of your travel companions, regardless of whether they have a medical condition, on the same travel insurance policy.

Added: 06/12/2019

Travelling after Brexit: What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know if you are planning to travel to the EU after Brexit.

Added: 01/11/2019