Travel News

Flight delays and cancellations: What are your rights?

As flight delays and cancellations are in the news we've summarised your rights if your holiday is effected.

Added: 10/06/2022

How has duty-free shopping changed since your last holiday?

On 1st January 2021, the rules for duty-free shopping were updated to substantially increase the personal allowance on alcohol.

Added: 13/05/2022

Best Holiday Countries Without Covid Travel Restrictions in April 2022

Looking for a holiday without the hassle of covid testing? Here are some of the best holiday destinations that have dropped covid travel restrictions.

Added: 11/04/2022

All Covid-19 travel restrictions removed in the UK

Great news for holiday makers, the government has announced that it will be scrapping all Covid-19 travel restrictions in the UK.

Added: 15/03/2022

How to Prove Your Covid Status

Fully vaccinated people can now travel to the UK without taking any Covid tests. Here's how to show you have been vaccinated for an easy and convenient journey.

Added: 08/03/2022

Sports & activities on holiday: Check you’re covered

If you are looking forward to trying something a bit more adventurous than lying on a beach or sightseeing on holiday it pays to check your travel insurance first.

Added: 31/01/2022

Top Tips for a great holiday abroad in 2022

Ready to return to holidays abroad? What should be on your 2022 holiday checklist?

Added: 26/01/2022

Travel rules relaxed for all travellers!

Covid-19 testing to be dropped completely for fully vaccinated travellers and under 18s. Plus no more quarantine for the unvaccinated.

Added: 25/01/2022