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Asthma Awareness Week: Travelling with Asthma & Asthma travel insurance

At the start of Asthma Awareness Week we’re talking about travelling with Asthma and getting the right asthma travel insurance.

Added: 30/04/2012

A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis should not mean an end to holidays

As 30 April to 6 May 2012 is MS Awareness Week we’re talking about travelling with Multiple Sclerosis and how to obtain MS travel insurance

Added: 30/04/2012

New Safety measures for cruise ships: Cruise travel insurance

New safety measures on cruise ships are great news for travellers. Plus think about cruise insurance in the event of illness on board.

Added: 25/04/2012

Depression awareness week: Does travel insurance cover depression?

In Depression awareness week we’re highlighting the importance of declaring depression and mental health conditions on travel insurance

Added: 23/04/2012

Get more medical expenses cover with

Specialist travel insurance cover for pre existing medical conditions, with additional medical cover which many other insurers don’t offer

Added: 16/04/2012

Flight delay? Travel insurance cover for strike action

With the continued risk of strike action affecting flights this summer it pays to buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday

Added: 12/04/2012

Travel insurance with cover for all types of Arthritis, no matter what your age!

Travel insurance cover for all types of arthritis, how to declare your arthritis and get instant travel insurance cover

Added: 11/04/2012

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