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Cruise lines that are more suited to older travellers

Cruises are an attractive holiday option for older travellers, and some cruise lines are ideal for over 65s.

Added: 30/09/2010

Tropical storm warning issued by FCO for southern Florida

A tropical depression is lingering below southern Florida and a tropical storm warning has been issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Added: 29/09/2010

Enjoy the Verdi Festival in Parma, Italy this October

From 1 to 28 October 2010, the Teatro Regio in Parma, Italy will be hosting the Verdi Festival.

Added: 28/09/2010

Visit Morocco's cities to experience a colourful, cultural holiday

Morocco’s cities offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the fascinating culture of this African country.

Added: 27/09/2010

Wildlife spotting at the Hermanus Whale Festival

Wildlife spotting at the Hermanus Whale Festival. The annual festival celebrates the return of the southern right whales that congregate around Walker Bay in South Africa

Added: 24/09/2010

Baths of Caracalla in Rome open for guided night tours

Night tours of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome will be running every Saturday night until 23 October 2010.

Added: 23/09/2010

World Alzheimer's Day highlights the global rise in dementia cases

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day and Alzheimer’s Disease International has released their annual report highlighting dementia costs.

Added: 21/09/2010

Heathrow Airport granted Carbon Trust award

Heathrow Airport has been granted a Carbon Trust award for their efforts in improving carbon efficiency.

Added: 20/09/2010

Camping tips for the disabled traveller

Disabled people can enjoy camping just as much as able bodied people, but there are just a few things to bear in mind before you book.

Added: 16/09/2010

84 year old explorer prepares for cross Atlantic rafting expedition

An 84 year old explorer is preparing for the trip of a lifetime - crossing the Atlantic on a raft made of 12 metre long pipes and pig hut shelters.

Added: 15/09/2010

Visit Mauritius in October when the climate is at its best

October could be the perfect month for a holiday in Mauritius, when the temperate is warm but not too hot and the weather at home is starting to cool.

Added: 13/09/2010

A weekend in Prague could be the perfect short break

Take a train to Prague to enjoy a long weekend without having to fly.

Added: 10/09/2010

Vitamin B could delay the onset of Alzheimer's

New research has revealed that vitamin B could prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s within elderly people with mental decline.

Added: 09/09/2010

Ancient history lovers should try a holiday in Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer ancient history lovers. Take a holiday in Turkey and immerse yourself in the country’s stunning ancient architecture.

Added: 08/09/2010

More UK cancer patients should receive radiotherapy

Cancer Research UK has revealed that not enough cancer patients in the UK are receiving radiotherapy as part of their treatment.

Added: 07/09/2010

Withdrawn diabetes drug for type 2 diabetes still being prescribed

BBC Panorama has discovered that the advised suspension of Avandia, a leading diabetes drug, has not gone ahead and it is still available on the NHS.

Added: 06/09/2010

Hurricane Earl could cause transatlantic flight cancellations

Transatlantic flights could be affected at the weekend if Hurricane Earl continues to sweep north along the east coast of America.

Added: 03/09/2010

The Queen to name new Cunard cruise ship 'Queen Elizabeth'

The Queen will be in Southampton on 11 October 2010 to name Cunard's newest cruise ship

Added: 02/09/2010

Ferry crossings offer green travel option

For many Britons, travelling by ferry is more attractive than boarding a plane — it’s more eco-friendly, less cramped and delays are less likely.

Added: 01/09/2010

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