Sports & activities on holiday: Check you’re covered

Added 31/01/2022

If you are looking forward to trying something a bit more adventurous than lying on a beach or sightseeing on holiday this year it pays to check your travel insurance first.

Although most people are aware of the need for specialist travel insurance cover for skiing or winter sports holidays, many don’t realise that taking part in other sports or activities, such as balloon rides, safaris or cycle touring may also require additional travel insurance cover.

Skiing is not normally covered by standard travel insurance policies, but cover is easily added for an additional premium, the same goes for many other sports and activities.

Sports and activities are categorised according the level of risk involved in taking part. A number of activities will be covered as standard, with the option to add extra cover for those that are higher risk.

In order to be covered for emergency medical treatment as a result of an accident whilst taking part in an activity you must make sure that it is covered by your travel insurance. If you don’t you could find yourself facing large medical bills.

What activities can be covered? can provide travel insurance cover for a number of sports and activities as standard, including glass bottom boat trips, golf, pony trekking and scuba diving up to 18 metres.  

You also have the option, up to age 75, to add cover for many more activities, including hot air balloon rides, cycle touring and safaris.

Never assume that a sport or activity is covered, always check to make sure.

Please note:  Sports and activities can be covered so long as they are for recreational purposes only, they are not the sole purpose of the trip and you are not taking part in a competition or in a professional capacity.  Please see the policy wording for full details.

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