New Covid-19 Cover: Overseas Return Quarantine

Added 03/09/2020

Our new Overseas Return Quarantine option further increases the cover we have available for COVID-19/coronavirus whilst you are travelling overseas.

Overseas Return Quarantine provides additional travel insurance cover if you are denied boarding on your return journey due to having or being suspected of having an infectious disease (including COVID-19).

  • Up to £40 per person per day (up to a maximum of £560) towards additional accommodation expenses (of a standard no greater than your original booking).
  • Up to £300 (Europe), £500 (Worldwide) per person towards the cost of return transport home. (This must be at a standard no greater than the class of transport on your outbound journey, on the same mode of transport and at the earliest possible date based on medical or local authority advice).

More information about Overseas Return Quarantine

Travel Insurance Cover for COVID-19/Coronavirus

To give you the confidence to travel our policies have always provided cover for emergency medical treatment if you catch COVID-19 whilst you are abroad.

Our new Covid+ policies also include cover for cancellation if you or anyone insured on your policy catch COVID-19 before you travel.

When you get a travel insurance quote you can choose between our standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum cover or our new Covid+ policies.

Once you have chosen your level of cover, you will have the option to add our new Overseas Return Quarantine option.

Full information about our travel insurance and COVID-19

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