Overseas return quarantine - (denied boarding due to infectious diseases)

Travel insurance cover if you are denied boarding on your return journey due to having or being suspected of having an infectious disease (including COVID-19).

If you are unable to travel home because you are required to self-isolate due to contracting coronavirus/Covid-19 your policy will automatically extend until you are able to travel home.   
If you are unable to recoup the extra costs from your travel provider, you can make a claim to recoup additional accommodation and transport expenses (up to the limits stated) under the Overseas Return Quarantine section of the policy.

  • Up to £40 per person per day (up to a maximum of £560) towards additional accommodation expenses (of a standard no greater than your original booking).
  • Up to £300 (Europe), £500 (Worldwide) per person towards the cost of return transport home. (This must be at a standard no greater than the class of transport on your outbound journey, on the same mode of transport and at the earliest possible date based on medical or local authority advice).

Overseas Return Quarantine is now included on all policies.

In order to make a claim you will need to provide written evidence from your transport provider that you were denied boarding and the reason for this.

Terms and conditions apply, please read the full documentation, which is available when you choose to add the cover to your quotation.