Diabetes Week: Travel insurance for Diabetics

Added 10/06/2013

Diabetes UK organise Diabetes Week in order to raise awareness of diabetes in the UK and educate the public about the symptoms of diabetes and the consequences if diabetes is left uncontrolled.

Diabetes affects more than 3 million people in the UK, with another 850,000 people estimated to be diabetic without realising it.If left untreated, diabetes can cause serious medical problems, including heart and circulatory diseases, kidney impairment and eye problems.

Diabetes Travel Insurance

If you, or a travelling companion, suffer from diabetes it is very important to get the right travel insurance whenever you go away.

To ensure that your diabetes is covered by your travel insurance you must declare it when you get a quote. This can be done online or by phone and should only take a few minutes. Just tell us that you suffer from diabetes and then answer all of the questions honestly and accurately.

Travel insurance acts as medical insurance whilst you away, therefore in order to be fully covered by your travel insurance you need make sure that you declare all of your existing medical conditions, including diabetes, and answer all questions accurately so that your insurer has an accurate picture of your health.

Buying travel insurance for diabetics is easy with Goodtogoinsurance.com.

We can cover all types of diabetes and are proud to have provided travel insurance to over 10,000 travellers with diabetes since 2010; enabling them to take the holiday they wanted with the peace of mind that their diabetes is covered.

For further advice about travelling abroad with diabetes visit your doctor or Diabetes UK.

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