World Asthma Day: Holidays and travel insurance for Asthmatics

Added 07/05/2013

As today (7 May) is World Asthma Day, we’d like to take the opportunity to raise awareness of the need to declare your asthma when you buy travel insurance.

World Asthma day is organised every year by the Global Initiative for Asthma with the aim improving asthma awareness and asthma care around the world.

Asthma affects 5.4 million people in the UK and is commonly diagnosed in children.

Asthma affects the airways which carry air into and out of the lungs. When an asthmatic comes into contact with something that irritates their airways it causes the muscles to tighten and the lining of the airways to become inflamed. This makes the airways narrower and causes breathing difficulties for the asthma sufferer.

Being asthmatic should not stop you from travelling and enjoying holidays abroad, but you should make sure that you are properly prepared.

Asthma UK publishes some very useful tips for asthmatics who are planning a holiday. Including;

- Visit your GP or asthma nurse to review your personal asthma action plan before you travel.
- Take enough inhalers and medication for your trip, plus an extra week’s supply.

Visit the Asthma UK website for more tips on travelling with Asthma.

One very important part of your holiday preparation should be finding appropriate travel insurance to cover your asthma. Buying asthma travel insurance and declaring your asthma will ensure that you are properly covered for emergency medical expenses if you have an asthma attack whilst you are on holiday. Plus, travel insurance can also provide cancellation cover if you have an asthma attack before you travel and it causes you to cancel your holiday.

Asthma travel insurance from can provide cover for all types of asthma, from mild to severe. Our asthma travel insurance includes access to a 24 hour medical emergency helpline whilst you are away, covers you for up to £10 million in emergency medical expenses, and provides cover if you lose your asthma medication.

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