Wheelchair-bound journalist tackles the jungles of Borneo

Added 06/10/2010

Man in wheelchair

A journalist has demonstrated that being in a wheelchair needn’t stop you from exploring some of the wild places of the world. During a trip to Borneo, Frank Gardner explored the jungle and even managed to climb part of Mt Kinabalu.

It takes two days to summit Mt Kinabalu and walk back down again, and each day, 100 climbers are issued permits. Technically, Frank didn’t climb the mountain, but he certainly gave it his best shot. Instead of climbing the mountain, he travelled halfway up in a jeep with his sister-in-law and then freewheeled back down again in his wheelchair.

Borneo is a nature lover’s paradise where orang-utans and proboscis monkeys can be seen in the wild in their diminishing numbers. Their numbers are threatened by deforestation, poaching and development. While it’s still possible to see these magnificent creatures in the wild, future generations might not be so lucky if their numbers continue to decline.

Pygmy elephants roam the jungles of Borneo, though they are hard to find. Brightly coloured birds and butterflies are more easily spotted. A great way to view Borneo’s wildlife is to take a boat trip along the river.

If rely on a wheelchair to get around and you want to travel to Borneo, be sure to consider all the obstacles that you might face. Before booking your accommodation, contact the hotelier directly to ask about disabled access and to find out if their facilities meet your needs.

Before flying, contact the airline to inform them that you will need to take a wheelchair on board and to enable them to prepare for your arrival.

Borneo has a tropical, humid climate. Visit your doctor before you travel to find out if you will need any travel vaccinations or anti-malarials for your trip.

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