Tropical storm warning issued by FCO for southern Florida

Added 29/09/2010

A tropical depression is lingering below southern Florida and a tropical storm warning has been issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the state. The tropical depression could be upgraded to tropical storm Nicola if the winds pick up.

Southern Florida is likely to be hit by strong winds, rain and flooding. The presence of tornadoes is also a possibility. If you are on holiday in southern Florida, check local weather reports for details about the tropical depression. The National Hurricane Center also provides regular updates on the tropical depression in southern Florida.

The tropical depression looks set to sweep northwards along the east coast of America over the next couple of days. A tropical depression is a storm with winds reaching 39mph, while a tropical storm has winds between 39mph and 73mph. Meanwhile, a hurricane has wind speeds over 73mph.

It is currently hurricane season in southern USA. The season lasts for several months between June and November. The Caribbean hurricane season reaches its peak in October, so anyone travelling to the area next month should remain vigilant and check weather reports prior to travel.

Over the summer, many holidaymakers had their holidays disrupted by hurricane Earl. Some Caribbean cruises were forced to divert, and thousands were evacuated from the east coast of America.

Check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for advice on what to do if you find yourself caught up in a tropical storm or hurricane. It can be useful to read this information before travelling to the Caribbean or southern USA.

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