Travel insurance: Why it pays to cover everyone on the same policy

Added 06/12/2019

You are probably aware that when you buy travel insurance it’s important to declare any existing medical conditions, but did you know that it can also pay to cover your travelling companions on the same policy, even those without any medical conditions?

Better cancellation cover

Insuring everyone who is travelling together on the same travel insurance policy will mean that you all have cover in place, if one person’s existing medical condition causes you to cancel the holiday. 

Many people will buy cheap travel insurance cover for the healthy travellers and then look for another travel insurance policy to cover those with a medical condition. This could be a false economy, saving you a few pounds upfront, but leaving you at risk of being out of pocket if you are forced to cancel your holiday due to one of your travel companion’s existing medical conditions.

When you are all insured on the same travel insurance you would all be covered and be able to make a claim to recoup the cost of the holiday, so long as the pre-existing medical condition was declared at the time of purchase. 

This important element of travel insurance can often be overlooked by healthy travellers who are simply looking for the cheapest travel insurance cover for their holiday. Yet, if your travelling companion falls ill before the holiday starts, causing your trip to be cancelled, there is unlikely to be any cover under your policy if the cancellation was caused by an existing medical condition of someone insured elsewhere. 

This means that it can pay to stick together and buy one travel insurance policy to cover the whole family, or group of friends. If everyone is insured on the same policy, whether they have a medical condition or not, they would all be able to make a claim, in the event that it was deemed medically necessary to cancel or cut short the trip following another member of the party becoming ill due to an existing medical condition, providing that medical condition was declared on the policy.

This is particularly important for families who are more likely to need to cancel the whole holiday if one person is ill and unable to travel.

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