Today's strike action affects people on holiday in Portugal

Added 24/11/2010

Airport departure lounge

A 24 hour strike by public sector workers is affecting people on holiday in Portugal, as road, rail and air traffic services have been disrupted. Many services have been suspended, making travel difficult for people on holiday in Portugal.

Ryanair has cancelled 60 flights to and from Portugal, which is disrupting people that are going on holiday in Portugal. If you are travelling to or from Portugal today, be sure to contact your airline to find out if your flight has been delayed or cancelled.

Workers are taking strike action in response to austerity measures. Portugal’s government is pressing to freeze pensions and increase taxes, but public transport workers are angry at the decision. Ryanair believes that the EU Commission should remove their right to strike on essential services to prevent too much disruption to people on holiday in Portugal.

The ports of Lisbon and Setubal are being disrupted by the strikes and bus services all over Portugal are running limited services.

Many of Portugal’s roads have been hit with heavy traffic jams as local people are forced to commute by car when they’d normally take the bus or train.

Similar strikes have been affecting travellers in France, but the strike in Portugal is unlikely to hit the same level of disruption, as there are no plans to stage any mass demonstrations.

Many believe that today’s 24 hour strike will not resolve anything; it will merely cause disruptions and affect people that are on holiday in Portugal.

For anyone that is on holiday in Portugal and hopes to return to the UK today, be sure to contact your airline before leaving for the airport. Also, allow plenty of time to get to the airport as suspended trains or buses could lengthen your journey.

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