The Santander Festival could appeal to Brits taking a Santander holiday

Added 27/07/2010

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The 59th edition of the Santander International Festival commences on 30 July and runs until 29 August. The festival is a lavish programme of music, opera, ballet and more, and would enrich the holiday experience of anyone that’s after a cultural Santander holiday.

Santander is located on the north coast of Spain in the province of Cantabria. The region benefits from beautiful golden beaches, backed by imposing mountains — Cantabria offers some of the most stunning scenery in Spain and the area is free from mass tourism.

Santander is reachable by ferry from Portsmouth or Plymouth, which takes around 24 hours. Ferries to Santander are well stocked with comfortable restaurants, bars and lounge areas for travellers to relax in. And if you travel by ferry, then you are free to take your own car abroad. Santander airport is a stone’s throw away from the city centre for those after a swifter form of transport.

Having a car for the Santander International Festival would be useful as the events are dotted around the Cantabria region. The main venue for the festival is the Festival Palace, with other events taking place in nearby gardens, churches, theatres and even monasteries.

All performances take place at night, giving holidaymakers the chance to enjoy the rest of their Santander holiday to the full during the day.

Santander has a lot to offer as a holiday destination. The Catedral del Cristo is splendid both inside and out, while the Museum of Fine Arts in the city centre is perfect for art lovers. There’s even a casino in a magnificent, white building that was constructed in 1916. You can also take boat trips along the beautiful coastline and there’s the Santander golf course for budding enthusiasts.

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