Staying Fit and Healthy During Lockdown

Added 14/04/2020

It’s important to stay fit and healthy in mind and body whilst you are social distancing at home.

Whilst we are not medical or fitness experts ourselves, we have been looking around for some of the best and most trustworthy advice on how to take care of yourself during lockdown, and we’d like to share them with you.

Getting Out for Exercise

Unless you are shielding because you are considered extremely vulnerable to the virus, you are still allowed to go outside of your home for one form of exercise every day. A walk in the sunshine can invigorate your body and soul, but even if you can’t go out for exercise, get out in the garden if you can and enjoy the spring weather, it really can lift the spirits.

Make sure you keep up do date with the current guidelines:

More information about the most vulnerable and shielding.

More information on what you can and can’t do during lockdown.

Virtual Exercise Classes

There are many opportunities to take part in fitness classes online.  One of the most popular is Joe Wicks, also known as the Body Coach, who is doing a PE class on Youtube every weekday morning at 9am.  Although this is intended for children, it also a good work out for adults.  It’s definitely not easy, we’ve tried it!  

If that’s not for you the NHS has published a 10-minute cardio workout along with a balance work out and cool down stretches which can all easily be done at home.

Many local fitness instructors are also now doing live online classes via Zoom or other video technology, which allows them to see you and interact with you during the class.  You may find that you can carry on with your usual class from your own home.

Advice from The Professionals

Many charities and professional organisations are publishing useful advice on their websites about how to look after yourselves during these difficult times, here are some we think you may find useful.

British Heart Foundation – How to keep healthy when you can’t go out.

Age UK - Information on the symptoms of Coronavirus and what to do it you are unwell, as well as tips for staying safe and well at home, and looking after others.

NHS - Tips to maintain your mental well-being whilst staying at home.

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