Rising oil prices spark the comeback of fuel surcharges for airlines & cruise operators

Added 10/02/2011

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In another blow to the cost conscious holiday maker fuel surcharges look set to make a comeback in 2011 as the cost of crude oil passed 100 dollars a barrel. This follows the increase in airport departure tax, which saw a 50% increase on some long haul destinations last November.

The combined effect of these fuel surcharges and airport departure tax could add a significant amount to the cost of your next holiday.

British Airways announced an increase in its fuel surcharge on long haul services this week, which will apply to all bookings made after 8th February. The airline blamed the rise on a substantial increase in the price of oil and a 14% rise in the spot price of jet fuel.

Qantas and Singapore Airlines have also announced increases to its fuel surcharges this year.

Unfortunately the price rises have not been limited to airlines, a number of cruise operators have also announced plans to apply a fuel surcharge on to all new bookings. Cruise and Maritime Voyages are to add a charge of £4 per passenger per day, up to a maximum of £100 per passenger to all new bookings. This level of surcharge could equate to a significant price rise for a number of would be passengers.

P&O, Cunard and Fred. Olsen have already introduced fuel surcharges, with all companies blaming the increase in crude oil prices.

Cost conscious holiday makers should do their research before deciding on their holiday destination to see how the level of airport departure tax and any fuel supplements will affect their costs.

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