Presenter considers suing airline after heart attack!

Added 20/04/2011

Stethoscope on a book

Singapore Airlines had better watch out, it looks like a presenter from the BBC is considering suing the airline after he suffered a heart attached during one of their flights.

According to reports the airline refused to carry out an emergency landing so that the presenter Max Pearson could be taken directly to hospital. Instead he was forced to endure a 14 hour flight from Singapore to Heathrow airport. As soon as he landed the presenter was rushed to Harefield hospital, where he received emergency medical treatment.

A spokesperson for the airline made the following statement:

“An in-flight diversion may be carried out based on medical recommendations. Our pilots will take considerations, including the recommendations of MedAire, into account on whether to divert to the nearest suitable airport with medical facilities”.

In addition to the above Singapore Airlines claim that their aircrafts are equipped with Emergency Medical Kits and say that their cabin crew are trained in First Aid and CPR.

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