National Cholesterol Month: How much do you know about cholesterol?

Added 07/10/2022

According to Heart UK, The Cholesterol Charity, almost half of UK adults have raised cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease.

As October is National Cholesterol Month, we’re helping Heart UK raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.  

Throughout the month they will be highlighting how small changes in your habits, diet and exercise can make a big difference to your heart health and cholesterol levels.  They’ve even created handy diet and exercise planners which can help you understand where you are now, how you can improve and stick to it!

Find out what small changes you can make to improve your cholesterol levels:

How to get a cholesterol check?

High cholesterol can affect people of all ages and backgrounds and can be caused by your genetic make-up as well as your lifestyle, so it always worth having a test no matter how fit and healthy you feel.

Ask at your GP surgery or local pharmacy for cholesterol test.

If you are between the ages of 40 and 74 you may also be eligible for a NHS health check which is designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes.

Does having high cholesterol affect travel insurance cover?

Yes.  If you know that your cholesterol levels are raised you must declare this when you buy travel insurance.  Your travel insurance provider needs to get an accurate picture of your medical history in order to provide you with the appropriate level of cover.

Even if your cholesterol levels are controlled by medication you must still let your travel insurance provider know.  

It is vital to be honest when declaring your medical conditions because if you don’t give a full picture of your medical history you could find that any claim you make is only partially paid, or not paid at all, leaving you to pick up any emergency medical costs you might incur yourself.

We are here to help: specialises in travel insurance for existing medical conditions, we can cover all types of medical conditions including high cholesterol, heart disease, kidney diease and diabetes.

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