Mauritius voted as the finest island in the world

Added 09/12/2010

Tropical beach

Mauritius is a popular destination for holidaymakers that seek sun, sand, beautiful landscapes and relaxation. It has long been renowned as a must-see, paradise island. Last month it was voted as the finest island in the world at the World Travel Awards 2010.

Airlines have been offering more flights to Mauritius as the paradise island has grown in popularity. Air Mauritius recently increased their services by 15%, and there are now five flights to Mauritius per week from the UK when there were previously only three.

But what makes Mauritius so appealing? It could be attributed to the fact that the paradise island has so much to offer holidaymakers on different levels. Mauritius has the usual white sand beaches, hot climate and crystal clear water that we come to expect of a paradise island, but this tropical destination has so much more to offer.

Head inland and take a quad bike safari or pony trek to explore the island a different way. Or if you are feeling really adventurous, have a go at canyoning, zip lining, rock climbing or skydiving.

As with most paradise islands there are lots of water-based activities to choose from. Scuba diving is a popular activity due to the island’s rich marine life. There is also the option to try big game fishing, with the possibility of catching a blue marlin. Catching one of these mighty fish is quite a feat, and it won’t be caught without putting up an impressive fight!

Mauritius is a popular destination for honeymooners, and there is plenty of luxury accommodation for happy couples to choose from. Many of the luxury hotels are in relaxing, secluded locations with private beaches and fantastic views of the azure ocean.

If you are going on holiday to Mauritius, don’t forget to buy comprehensive travel insurance for your trip. Make sure your travel insurance includes cover for any adventurous activities that you plan to take part whilst on the paradise island.

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