Malaysia marked as green tourist destination

Added 02/08/2010

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In 2009, Malaysia was the ninth most visited country in the world. The country combines stunning beaches, exciting cities and lush rainforests rich in wildlife, so it’s easy to see why tourists choose Malaysia for a holiday.

Malaysia is striving to become a green tourist destination by launching a campaign called ‘Malaysia Green and Clean’. The campaign will focus on keeping tourist sites clean and litter free. With the help of the initiative, Malaysia is aiming to welcome 36 million visitors by 2020.

Becoming a green tourist destination will help to protect the country’s wildlife. Rare orang-utans can be seen in rehabilitation centres around the country, and even in the wild on the island of Borneo. Several species of rare sea turtles roam the waters around Malaysia. The olive-ridley turtle, hawksbill turtle, green turtle and leatherback turtle all nest on Malaysian shores.

In the state of Perak, the Belum-Temegor Rainforest is an ideal spot for any green tourist that wants to get back to nature. Some of the most endangered mammals live in the Belum-Temegor Rainforest, including the Malaysian tiger, sunbear and rhinoceros. The forest also contains over 3,000 flowering plants, some that boast the largest blooms in the world.

No trip to Malaysia is complete without a trip to Kuala Lumpur, the capital. Spectacular sky scrapers dominate the skyline, and a visit to the famous Petronas Towers must be on your itinerary. The National Mosque and the railway station are also not to be missed.

Malaysia is known for its friendly people and mix of cultures. Eating out in Malaysia will not disappoint; in addition to the spicy Malay food on offer, you could also indulge in Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. There’s even western food for those that don’t like their meals too spicy.

Malaysia is a land that is very different to the UK. If you are going on holiday to Malaysia, make sure you allow plenty of time to prepare for your trip. Find out about any travel vaccinations that you might need, and ask your doctor about antimalarials. It takes around 12 hours to fly to Kuala Lumpur, so allow time to recover from jet lag when you arrive at your destination.

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