International Childhood Cancer Day

Added 14/02/2013

February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to help raise awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer and also highlight the issues around obtaining travel insurance cover for children who are living with cancer and their families.

International Childhood Cancer Day is organised every year on the 15th February by the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) in order to raise aware of cancer in children.

The ICCCPO aims to communicate the message that cancer in children is curable and the theme for this year’s International Childhood Cancer Day is early detection.

Early detection of childhood cancer improves survival rates so it pays to be aware of what the early warning signs of cancer in children can be:

Childhood Cancer Early Warning Signs

  • Unexplained loss of weight, fatigue, easy bruising or bleeding
  • Aching bones, joints, back and easy fractures
  • Neurological signs include change or deterioration in walking, balance or speech

For Cancer Survivors a Holiday can Provide Valuable Family Time

For families who have lived through the trauma and stress of childhood cancer, a family holiday can be a good chance to relax, giving a valuable opportunity to spend some quality time together and have some much needed fun.

If you do get the opportunity to enjoy a family holiday abroad it’s very important to get the right travel insurance, including cover for your child’s cancer and any other pre-existing medical conditions.

To ensure that your child’s cancer or other pre-existing medical conditions are properly covered by your travel insurance you must declare them when you get a quote and purchase your policy.

Declaring the cancer will ensure that you are covered for the cost of emergency medical treatment if your child becomes ill whilst you are away, as well as providing cancellation cover if you are unable to travel due to your child becoming ill. are proud to be able to cover all types of childhood cancer — all policies provide access to our 24 hour emergency medical assistance, wherever you are in the world, 365 days a year.

You can get a quote for cancer travel insurance online 24 hours a day or if you would prefer to talk one of our team we are available by phone 7 days a week.

Find out more about travel insurance for childhood cancer >>

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