Hurricane Sandy: Flight Cancellations, Airline Responsibilities & Travel Insurance Cover

Added 29/10/2012

More than 6000 flights, including transatlantic and US domestic, have been cancelled today as Hurricane Sandy approaches the east coast of the USA.

With more flight cancellations expected for Tuesday and Wednesday we’re looking at your rights if the airline cancels your flight due to a hurricane and how travel insurance cover can help.

Passengers due to fly over the next few days should expect delays and contact their airline or tour operator for the latest information.

Your airline or tour operator has a duty to look after you

When an airline cancels a flight, for whatever reason including hurricanes, it is obliged under EU law to look after its customers, by offering alternative flights or a full refund.

Both BA and Virgin Atlantic are offering affected customers the option to re-book in order to travel to their destination at the earliest opportunity, claim a refund or rebook to travel at a later date or to a different destination.

If you have booked a package including flights and accommodation from a tour operator, they too will have a responsibility to look after you and provide alternative arrangements or a full refund if they are unable to provide you with the holiday you booked.

Natural Catastrophe Cover: Travel Insurance Cover for Hurricanes customers who added Natural Catastrophe Cover to their travel insurance before hurricane Sandy was expected to cause so much disruption to the east coast of the USA will also have additional cover for cancellation and additional expenses due to the hurricane.

In this instance Natural Catastrophe Cover would enable them to make a claim for unused, pre-paid holiday expenses due to not being able to reach their destination.

Natural Catastrophe Cover is particularly useful for customers who book elements of their holiday independently rather than as a package, as it plugs a gap in their holiday protection, because although their airline has a duty to offer alternative arrangements or a refund, their accommodation and other holiday suppliers may not.

As you never know what is round the corner it can pay to add Natural Catastrophe Cover to your travel insurance every time you travel.

Find out more about Natural Catastrophe Cover.

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