Hurricane Earl could cause transatlantic flight cancellations

Added 03/09/2010

Airplane taking off

Hurricane Earl has already caused some disruption to holidaymakers in the Caribbean and along the east coast of America. Some Caribbean cruises were forced to re-route, while warnings have been issued along the east coast. Thousands of locals have been evacuated from their homes, even though Hurricane Earl has lessened in strength.

If Hurricane Earl continues to creep northwards, it could lead to transatlantic flight cancellations at the weekend, affecting Britons that are hoping to enjoy holidays in popular destinations such as New York City. The Red Cross is readying storm shelters on Long Island for thousands of residents in case Hurricane Earl threatens their homes.

Hurricane Earl is currently a grade two storm. But winds could still reach 105mph, and the storm is continuing to grow in size. Hurricane Earl could affect many Americans and foreign visitors celebrating Labor Day along the east coast of America this weekend. So far, the east coast has experienced strong winds, heavy rain and huge sea swells.

The path of Hurricane Earl is still uncertain, but if it continues to rage, it could head as far north as Canada. Weather warnings are currently in place in the Bogue Inlet, North Carolina, the North Carolina/Virginia border and eastern Massachusetts. If the storm hits North Carolina, emergency calls will largely go unanswered to avoid putting emergency workers at risk.

If you are worried that Hurricane Earl might affect your travel plans, especially if you are already on holiday on the east coast of America, keep track of local weather reports. Contact you tour representative if you have one, and visit the Foreign Office website for up to date information about Hurricane Earl.

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