Hotel in Costa Rica completes medical tourism training

Added 27/05/2010

Eldery couple in electric wheelchairs

250 staff members in the Ramada Plaza Herradura in San Jose, Costa Rica were the first in the tourist industry to complete a two day medical tourism training course.

The course, run by the fairly new organisation Medical Tourism Training Inc., is designed to prepare staff members in the tourist industry for guests with medical conditions, those that have undergone medical treatment and disabled travellers.

The introductory course include topics such impact of staff behaviour, caring for accompanying guests, wheelchair assistance and what to do in an emergency.

At the end of the course, the staff members received a post training evaluation and management were given advice on how to improve their medical tourism techniques.

Medical Tourism Training Inc. uses skilled professionals from the healthcare, training, travel and hospitality sectors to produce comprehensive training programmes.

The staff members at the Ramada Plaza Herradura found the course useful and informative and they are now better equipped at dealing with the medical tourism sector.

In the tourist industry, customer service is vital to ensure foreign visitors get the most out of their holiday. Travellers post online reviews when they return home, so good customer service can go a long way. Tourists with medical conditions may need extra attention as their needs are often greater than others.

Medical Tourism Training Inc. hopes their courses will broaden the medical knowledge in the tourist industry so that hotels will be better equipped to provide the right service for travellers with medical conditions and disabilities.

Over the years, the tourism industry has become more and more efficient at dealing with tourists with medical conditions and disabled travellers.

If you have a pre existing medical condition or disability, make sure you declare your condition when you book your travel insurance for your next holiday. specialises in providing cover for travellers with pre existing medical conditions and disabilities and there is no age limit on our single trip policies.

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