Help the fight against cancer: Donate your birthday to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Added 27/03/2013

If you’ve got a birthday coming up and there’s nothing in particular you want or need, why not donate it to the Royal Marsden’s Cancer Charity and help the fight against cancer?

ten10 - The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

All you need to do it ask for donations instead of presents!

In the last 10 years, the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity has raised over £100 million to fund pioneering developments in cancer care. This includes developments in cancer research, cancer diagnosis, treatment and care which have not only benefited cancer patients at the Royal Marsden itself but across the whole of the UK.

Developments over the last 10 years have included CyberKnife, the latest in radiotherapy and the Oak Centre for Children and Young People which is Europe’s leading centre for young cancer patients.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity aims to continue this level of innovation in cancer care over the next 10 years, which won’t come cheap. They are looking for people to become involved in raising money for their cancer charity by donating their birthday.Donating your birthday to the Royal Marsden Cancer Care Charity will help them continue their world-class innovation for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere.

Donate your birthday

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