Heart disease kills three times more women than breast cancer

Added 10/12/2010


The British Heart Foundation is urging women to be more aware of the threat of heart disease. Many women don’t realise that heart disease is a big killer. In fact it kills three times more women than breast cancer.

Women often dismiss heart disease as a male illness. And equally, men don’t realise that they can suffer from breast cancer. Men and women need to be more aware of the risk of heart disease and breast cancer, and know that either disease can affect both sexes.

Many women know what to look out for in breast cancer. But what are the signs of heart disease? If you think you might be having a heart attack, ring 999 immediately. Quick action could save your life. Heart attack symptoms vary, but may include the following: chest pain or discomfort, dull ache or heavy feeling in your chest, feeling sick, sweaty, breathless, lightheaded or dizzy.

Angina is a form of heart disease that affects lots of women. Angina is recognised by a heaviness, tightness or dull persistent ache in your chest that can spread to your arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach. You might also have trouble catching your breath. If you are diagnosed with angina, your doctor can provide medication to subdue the symptoms.

Most people know how breast cancer can affect women, but some don’t even realise that the disease can also affect men. Much fewer men than women are diagnosed with breast cancer. People need to be made more aware that breast cancer can affect men. If you are male and you discover a lump in your chest, visit your GP straight away.

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