Cash limits doubled for travellers heading to Greece

Added 10/07/2015

We are offering increased protection for travellers heading to Greece this summer. customers travelling to Greece before 31 July 2015 will benefit from double our standard personal money and cash limits on Gold and Platinum policies. (Conditions apply, see below for more details).

Due to the current financial uncertainty in Greece, the closure of banks and daily limits imposed on cash withdrawals from ATMs, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are advising travellers to carry additional cash.

‘While banks are closed in Greece and some withdrawals are limited, make sure you take sufficient euros in cash to cover the duration of your stay, emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and any unexpected delays.’

Because of this advice we are providing additional protection for personal money and cash.  For travel commencing before 31 July we will double the personal money and cash limits on our Gold and Platinum policies while customers are travelling to their Greek holiday destination.

After a customer has checked in, the increase limits will continue to apply for theft of cash from a locked safety deposit box.  If the room/apartment does not have a safety deposit box, the cash must be well hidden.

If money is lost or stolen whilst being carried by a customer the standard limits of the policy apply.

The financial uncertainty may mean that there are periods of civil commotion or demonstrations; customers should avoid these areas and avoid carrying large sums of cash.  It is also recommended to carry lower value notes and more than one payment method eg. cash, debit and credit card.

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