Ferry crossings offer green travel option

Added 01/09/2010

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Many holidaymakers consider green travel options to be an important aspect of their holidays. Ferry crossings offer a green travel option to Britons who wish to travel to Ireland or Europe and keep their carbon footprint low.

Greentraveller.co.uk has highlighted ferry crossings as green travel options, and they have now added a feature to their website that enables foot passengers to plan their ferry route. Travelling as a foot passenger on a ferry is not only eco-friendly, it could also be a more attractive option to certain travellers.

Ferry crossings don’t involve hours of waiting at airports, and they’re great for people that have a fear of flying or are worried about flying due to health reasons. Travelling on a ferry is less cramped than air travel — you have the freedom to move about, stretch your legs and breathe in the fresh sea air. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot marine life whilst relaxing out on deck.

The number of Britons taking ferry crossings to European destinations increased in the earlier part of the summer when people were put off flying due to volcanic ash airspace closures, BA strikes and airport strikes in France and Spain.

The greentraveller.co.uk ferry journey planner makes it easy to plan your trip by including information about getting trains to ferry ports and arranging transfers to your holiday destination. They also clearly state the durations of different ferry crossings.

Holidaymakers that take green travel seriously usually want to make other aspects of their holiday eco-friendly. Eco-friendly retreats have cropped up all over Europe, offering accommodation in the form of yurts, tipis, cabins and farm-stays. And many of these accommodation options are much more of an experience than staying in a characterless hotel.

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