Experience the midnight sun on a cruise to Norway

Added 02/07/2010


During the summer months, Norway experiences a phenomenon called the midnight sun - a period of several months when the sun never sets. Depending on where you decide to travel to, you can see the midnight sun any time between April and August. The further north you travel, the longer the midnight sun will stick around for.

A cruise to Norway is a great way to experience the midnight sun because you can sit out on deck at all hours of the day and watch the sun on the horizon. In the dead of night, just when you think the sun is about to set, it will start to climb again.

You can make the most of the midnight sun in Norway by hiking in the small hours, playing golf late into the night or bird watching at any time of day in the North Cape. Hiking at midnight is particularly rewarding, as the low sun sends an amber hue across the hills.

You’ll have lots to do during your cruise to Norway as you may find that the midnight sun will affect your body clock, meaning that you’ll need less sleep. With less time being wasted on sleep, you can spend more time enjoying your holiday.

If you plan to take a cruise to Norway, remember that even though they benefit from plenty of sun, it can still get quite cold up there. Pack plenty of warm clothing, especially if you plan to while away the hours out on deck.

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