Donation from BP helped tourism in Florida stay afloat

Added 27/08/2010

Family building sand castles

When the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatened the beaches on the Florida panhandle, BP donated $32 million to help promote tourism in Florida. The campaign was successful; in fact tourism in Florida rose during the first couple of months of the oil crisis.

The money from BP funded campaigns that highlighted the cleanliness of Florida beaches and made people aware that the oil spill actually hadn’t affected many beaches. Most had remained clean and clear of oil.

However, there was one beach that suffered badly as a result of the oil spill. Tourism on Pensacola Beach fell by around 30 per cent in July and August. Visitors to Pensacola Beach are being offered a cash card to spend in the area to try to boost visitor numbers.

Every year, tourism in Florida benefits from over a million British holidaymakers, who arrive in search of sun, sand and sea. Florida’s award winning beaches are one of the state’s main draws — some offer fine, white sand and the sea can be quite warm in parts. The sea also offers plenty of fishing and scuba diving opportunities in crystal clear water.

Many golf enthusiasts head to Florida to take advantage of the fantastic golf courses available, and there are holiday firms that offer complete golf packages in luxury resorts. Orlando, Naples and Fort Myers are all popular golfing hot spots.

British families head to Florida to enjoy the delights of Disney World, Universal Studios and the newly opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Florida’s beaches are perfect for children because they are safe and closely guarded.

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