Cruise ships could be banned from Venice

Added 05/09/2013

Side of large boat

The death of German tourist has prompted a call to ban cruise ships and other large ships from the busy waterways in the Italian city of Venice.

The tourist was taking a tour on a gondola with his family when he was crushed against a dock by a reversing water bus.The tragic accident has prompted Venetian authorities to look at new safety regulations, both in St Marks Basin and the lagoon. Proposals include a floating congestion zone on the Grand Canal to ease traffic at rush hour and breathalyser tests for gondoliers.

The problem of waterway congestion is increasing as the amount of boats and ships increases; there has been a 7% increase in the number of cruise ships passing in front of St Mark’s Cathedral in the last year.

Suggestions to improve safety in the area include a requirement for cruise ships to dock at nearby Porto Marghera, as well as a floating off-shore port for cruise ships.

Venice remains a popular port of call for cruise holidays and as safety of cruise ship passengers, other tourists and locals is paramount, a solution to the problem of overcrowded water ways will be a high priority.

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