Cruise lines that are more suited to older travellers

Added 30/09/2010

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Cruise holidays often attract older travellers. Cruises make some destinations more accessible to people that might normally struggle to get around. Travellers get the chance to visit multiple destinations with ease. And with all amenities on board, it makes it easy for passengers to move from their cabin to restaurants and entertainment venues.

Cruise holidays attract people of all ages, but there are certain cruise lines that are more suited to older travellers. If you are in the older age bracket, it can be good to know that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals. And who knows, if you are surrounded by people your own age, you might make a friend or two.

Hebridean Island Cruises might appeal to passengers that like their holidays closer to home. With just one cruise ship to its name (the Hebridean Princess) the small vessel offers a personal touch, with room for just 49 passengers. Hebridean Island Cruises are great for people that enjoy gentle strolls in the countryside.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines have an average passenger age of 65. They offer great cruise holidays for the older travellers because their meals are traditional roast dinners and they serve afternoon teas. They also provide traditional cabaret entertainment and they have around 200 single cabins — great for older travellers on their own. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines provides cruise holidays from various British ports, making it easy for older travellers to embark.

Viking River Cruises are perfect for older travellers because they offer on board sightseeing opportunities along beautiful waterways across Europe. They also run cruises in Russia and China for adventurous types. Guided excursions are included in the prices, which offer an appealing holiday option for older travellers.

Whichever cruise line you decide to book your holiday with, it’s important to remember to buy travel insurance that includes cruise cover, which might needed to be added as an extension to a standard premium.

If you are an older traveller with mobility problems, make sure the cruise ship is well equipped to suit your needs. If you are in a wheelchair, you’ll need to find out if the ship has ramps and lifts to make it easy for you to get around.

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