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Added 20/01/2017

Get Cancellation Cover to Protect Your Investment

Travel insurance can provide cover if you are forced to cancel your holiday due to a number of unexpected circumstances beyond your control. 

As you never know what is round the corner it is a good idea to buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday, so that you know the money you’ve paid is protected. 

If you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason such as those listed below you will be able to make a claim on your travel insurance to recoup any irrecoverable costs, up to the maximum amount stated in the policy.

Cancellation cover is provided if you have to cancel your trip due to the following reasons:

  • Your own illness, injury or death
  • Your travel companion’s illness, injury or death
  • A close relative’s illness, injury or death
  • A close business associate’s illness, injury or death
  • You or your travel companion being made redundant
  • Your home becoming in habitable following fire, storm or flood
  • Your presence being required by police following a burglary
  • If you are unable to travel due to HM forces requirements

Terms and conditions and exclusions apply, please see the policy wording for full details of cover.

Gold and Platinum travel insurance policies from include cancellation cover up to £2000 per person on Gold policies or £5000 per person on Platinum policies.

Remember, travel insurance is designed to cover the unexpected, so as soon as you become aware of something which may cause you to cancel your holiday it is too late to buy insurance.

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