Booking a Holiday for 2019? Be Careful, Your Booking May Not Be Guaranteed

Added 19/10/2017

Airlines are drawing up contingency plans for after Brexit

Travel Weekly is reporting that UK airlines are drawing up contingency plans to warn passengers that bookings made for travel after March 2019 (the date the UK leaves the EU) cannot be guaranteed.

The warning would apply to all tickets sold to EU destinations and up to 17 other countries including the USA, where UK airlines legal flight rights are controlled by Europe wide agreements.

In the event that the airline was unable to operate the flight they would refund the cost of the ticket but not offer any other compensation or cover for additional expenses as they are currently required to do so under EU law.

Although airlines are hoping for a deal which will keep existing arrangements in place, they are concerned that any future aviation deals between the EU and the UK could be more restrictive than they are now.  This could result in increasing costs, or the airlines being unable to operate certain routes at all.

Thomas Cook has already altered its terms and conditions as it is about to start selling holidays that depart the UK after March 2019.

Typically tour operators and airlines start selling holidays a year in advance, so this situation will start to become more of an issue in March next year as more people start to book holidays for beyond Brexit.

Whilst it may be disconcerting to book a holiday that will not be guaranteed it looks like there will be no alternative until it becomes clear what aviation arrangements will be in place after March 2019.

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