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Added 13/05/2020

Whether you’ve been doing a lot of ‘virtual travelling’ over the last few weeks, are a seasoned traveller, or are just good at general knowledge you might enjoy a good travel quiz.  

With the trend for online quizzes between family and friends via Zoom also booming, we thought this was the perfect time to share some of the best ones we’ve found.

Test your travel knowledge with these fantastic quizzes from Wanderlust magazine, Lonely Planet and the Telegraph. Then, why not try them on your friends and family.

All about Europe

This tricky but fun quiz tests how much you really know about Europe’s landmarks, countries and natural wonders.  For example, What is the smallest country in Europe? Which countries are known as the low countries?

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Capital cities

Test how well you know the world’s capital cities, from Switzerland to Ecuador.

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The ultimate travel quiz

Lonely Planet has put together the ultimate travel quiz, covering mountains, airports, famous museums and much more.

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Europe’s lost currencies

This is a great one if you are old enough to remember travelling in Europe before the Euro was introduced in 2002. Although the context of the article is a little out of date now, if you scroll down to the quiz at the bottom it will make you feel nostalgic for the days when you got 10 francs to the pound!

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