Autumn destinations that don’t require quarantine at either end

Added 30/09/2020

The Canaries and other traditional winter sun destinations may be out for the moment, but there are still places we can go to get some autumnal sunshine, with temperatures warmer than the UK.

Think strolling along in your shirt sleeves or a jumper, rather than sunbathing, but wouldn’t that be lovely compared to wrapping up with your winter coat and umbrella!


Italy is currently open to UK tourists. It also on the UK’s travel corridor list, meaning that it is exempt from quarantine requirements when you return home.

Imagine an autumnal city break in Rome, soaking up the culture and enjoying the food, or if you are looking for a coastal retreat why not give the islands of Sicily or Sardinia a try.

Average temperatures at this time of year should be in the high teens (degrees Celsius).


UK tourists can enter Greece with no restrictions, other than being required to complete a Passenger Locator Form on arrival.  For travellers returning to England and Wales there are no quarantine requirements (with the exception of some Greek islands), check the FCDO travel advice page for details.  Travellers returning to Scotland from Greece will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Visitors to Greece can enjoy the stunning coastline, wonderful food and culture by the bucket load. Why not explore the endless archaeological sites, in between strolls on the beach and long lunches! 


Mainland Portugal may be back on the government’s quarantine list, but the island of Madeira isn’t.

If you are looking for something a little warmer, hopefully in the low 20s (degrees Celsius), Madeira is a good option.  You will need to have a COVID test before you travel, or you can take one on arrival and then isolate at your accommodation until the results come through (usually withing 12 hours).  

Madeira enjoys spring like temperatures all year round, making it an excellent place to explore outdoors. Walk the network of levadas (irrigation channels), explore the stunning coastline, visit the city of Funchal or enjoy a boat ride.

Check before you travel

The information we've shown about quarantine and entry requirements was correct at the time of writing, but restrictions are subject to change at short notice. Check the latest FCDO travel advice before you travel.  


Book a package to get the most protection for your trip

The easiest and safest way to book a holiday whilst we are living with Coronavirus/COVID-19 is to book a package holiday with a trusted travel agent or tour operator.

They will be fully aware of Government advice and will not take you anywhere that is not allowed, or where you’d be required to go into quarantine for the duration of your stay.

Under the package travel regulations, if they are unable to fulfil their contract with you, i.e. Provide you with a holiday to the place you have booked, on the dates you booked they are required by law to provide you with a full refund or an alternative holiday.  It would not be considered a holiday if you were required to quarantine in your hotel room for the entire duration of your stay, therefore if that situation did arise, they would provide you with an alternative.  
For more information on planning a holiday abroad whilst we are living with covid-19, download our free 19-page guide. Guide: Travelling abroad in world with COVID-19 

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday

All travel insurance policies from will provide emergency medical and repatriation cover if you contract COVID-19 whilst you are abroad.  This is important, as it takes away the risk of incurring large medical bills if you need hospital treatment in a foreign country.  We also provide access to a 24-hour emergency assistance team who will support you in getting the treatment you need and repatriating you back to the UK if medically necessary.

Our new Covid+ policies also provide cover for cancellation if you, or anyone insured on the policy contract COVID-19 before you travel.

You should buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday so that you have cancellation cover in place to protect the money you’re paid out.

Flexible travel insurance

If, once you have bought your travel insurance your trip dates or your destination changes, we can move your single trip policy to the new holiday, up until 31 December 2021, with no admin charge.

If the new trip is for a longer period, to a different destination, or more than 12 months from the adjustment date, there may be an additional charge to cover this.

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