Waiting List Travel Insurance

Travel insurance cover for those who are awaiting treatment or an operation

Obtaining travel insurance when you are on a waiting list can be tricky, but don’t worry, Goodtogoinsurance.com are here to help.

We can provide cover for all types of medical conditions, including when you are on a waiting list for an operation or treatment for a diagnosed condition.

You can obtain instant travel insurance cover for your holiday online or by phone. Simply tell us that you are awaiting treatment and then declare your diagnosed medical conditions. 

Please note: If you are awaiting an initial diagnosis for symptoms you are currently experiencing we are unable to provide cover until you have a confirmed diagnosis.

If you are awaiting treatment or investigation our policy will NOT provide cover for cancellation and curtailment under the following circumstances:

  • you receive an appointment for treatment or investigation which conflicts with your planned trip
  • as a result of the awaited treatment or investigation you become unable to travel on your planned trip.

Awaiting treatment or investigation does not affect cover whilst you are away for medical conditions which you have declared to us.

Should you become aware of a change in your diagnosis before you travel, please notify us immediately.

Travel Insurance Cover and benefits

Our travel insurance policies provide the following benefits and much more:

  • 24 hour medical emergency support
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  • Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 (platinum policies)
  • Personal property up to £3,000 (platinum policies)
  • Three levels of cancer travel insurance cover available
  • Scheduled Airline Failure (insolvency cover) included
  • Travel Dispute Cover available

We recommend that you read the Policy Wording for full details of our cancer travel insurance cover.

Additional medical expenses cover

Specialising in providing travel insurance for those with medical conditions means that we can provide extra cover which other insurers rarely include in their policies.

  • Loss of Medication up to £300
  • Mobility Aids up to £2,500

Plus, if you undergo surgery abroad and have to stay in hospital for at least 5 days we will provide the following:

  • Cost of a recuperation holiday up to £750
  • Health examination when you return to the UK up to £500
  • Cost of employing a home help or nanny up to £500
  • Cosmetic surgery to correct damage caused by an accident on your trip up to £2,500
  • Kennel and Cattery cover up to £500

Please read the Policy Wording for the full terms and conditions of this cancer travel insurance cover.