Making a Travel Insurance Claim for Theft or Loss of Baggage

When you buy a Gold or Platinum policy from your travel insurance provides cover for lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions. Below are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your claim is successful.

How to claim for lost, damaged or stolen luggage

  • If you can, provide a bank statement or receipt that displays the cost of your lost or stolen item to prove how much your property is worth. It will also prove that you owned the item in question
  • If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged at the airport, obtain a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). The PIR must be given to you if your luggage was in the possession of a carrier when it was lost,stolen or damaged
  • Provide details of your home contents insurance or credit card insurance as they may also provide cover for lost or stolen property
  • Produce evidence of your travel dates such as airline tickets or a holiday confirmation letter. This proves that the loss, damage or theft of your luggage coincided with your travel dates

Stolen Luggage

  • Get a police report within 24 hours of your baggage being stolen
  • If you are on a cruise ship with no access to police services, try to obtain a ship's report
  • Provide details of where your luggage was located when it was stolen

Lost Luggage

  • If your luggage was lost at the airport, the airline has a certain amount of time to track it down before you can make a claim. Check with your airline for details

Damaged Luggage

  • Keep the damaged item until your claim is complete as you may be asked to provide photographic evidence of the damage. You may even need to send the item to us for inspection
  • Take the item to a repairer so that they can assess how much it will cost to repair it

This summary is meant to be a general guide to assist you. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in our Policy Wording which represents the contract between you and the insurers.